What is the future of ancient texts?   Will ancient words of wisdom continue to guide us, as they have done for readers for thousands of years? If promises have been made by archaeological discoveries, novel theories, and our own critical self-reflection, then how will they be fulfilled in a future where our very survival is under question? Is there another “golden age” awaiting us? For these questions, the Early China Project Room does not supply ready answers, but we recognize the possibility of an ever-expanding backdrop, traversing past, present, and future, against which one begins the equally modest and daring act that is the reading of a text. By creating a platform for the discussion of new research on Ancient Chinese documents, we aim to explore larger questions related to the study of the written word, the Ancient World, traditions, legacies, and much more.

A call is issued here for your participation and proposals for presentations, thematic panels, and conferences. We especially welcome those who work on other periods of Chinese history and other parts of the Ancient World. The series will be held online, hosted by the Institute of Chinese Literature and Philosophy at Academia Sinica in Taiwan. Following the end of the Covid pandemic, when it is possible, we will reach out to the participants and explore the possibility of further collaborations, including live meetings and the publication of conference volumes based on our series.

We look forward to seeing you!

The ECPR team

*For recordings of past events, please send an email to philologyinourtime@gmail.com.

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  • Hosted by the Institute of Chinese Literature and Philosophy, Academia Sinica